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Connect Hubspot to Relevize
Connect Hubspot to Relevize
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The Hubspot Connector allows you to send Relevize leads directly to Hubspot in real-time. To learn more about what Relevize can and can't access, you can read our write up here.

βœ… Step-by-Step instructions:

Step 1: Go to your Hubspot Settings Page

Step 2: Open "Private Apps" settings

Step 3: Create a new Private app & name it Relevize

Step 4: Grant Permissions

We use these permissions to send you leads and periodically sync status updates to generate performance reports. For a more detailed explanation of each permission requested, see our article here.

Step 5: Paste the token into Relevize:

Paste the Access Token into the field on your the integration tab of your settings page.

Read about our security at

Step 6: Click "Edit field mappings" under the connector you're using

For Hubspot List Users: to add leads to a Hubspot List, create a template field with "list_id" as the remote name. The field on the right should be the number ID of the list you're adding leads to.

βœ… Last Step: You can now send a test lead and verify the data appears correctly on your CRM. A successful test lead will activate the connection.

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