Since we will be running co-branded campaigns with you and your partners, here is how you invite them to the platform! This will give them visibility into the campaigns they will be running, the leads that captured through the campaigns, as well as real time reporting pulled directly from Linkedin.

Please see the following steps on how to invite your partners to the platform:

  1. Log into the Relevize Platform

  2. Select the "Partners" Tab at the top of the screen next to "Campaigns"

  3. Once in this tab, please then select the "Add Partner +" button on the top right hand side in purple

  4. Once you have clicked into the "Add Partner +" button on the top right hand side in purple, please provide the Corporate Linkedin URL associated with your partner, as well as providing the email address for the contact you would like to invite! (See screenshot below for context)

  5. Complete this process by selecting the "Invite" button

The Partner will receive an email inviting them to log in to Relevize. If they lose the email or wait too long to log in, they can go to Relevize and reset their password.

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