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Completing your profile in Relevize will speed up customizing all your future campaigns. Please see the necessary steps below.

  1. After logging in to Relevize, click "Complete Profile" on your home screen. If you forgot your password, see the steps here.

  2. Fill in your company's homepage URL and the privacy policy URL. Typically you would find your privacy policy page linked at the bottom of your company's website. Once done, click next.

  3. Connect your company's LinkedIn account to Relevize. You will need to be an admin to complete this step. See further details here.

  4. It's optional, but you can also connect your company's CRM in this step. Click "Save & Next" once completed.

  5. Upload your company logos. We only need one logo to get started with, but we recommend uploading a full-colored logo and a white one fit for dark backgrounds. Please upload logos with a transparent background.

  6. If you will run campaigns where prospects will schedule meetings, provide a calendar link URL. This step is optional. Once done, click "Confirm" and you are good to go!

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