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How to get Salesforce Campaign ID
How to get Salesforce Campaign ID
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Leads sent to Salesforce from Relevize can automatically be added to a Salesforce campaign. To do this, you'll need to find the campaign ID in Salesforce and share it with your customer success rep:

  1. Log into your Salesforce account.

  2. Once logged in, you'll be on the Salesforce homepage.

  3. Look for the "App Launcher" (grid icon) on the top left corner of the page and click on it.

  4. In the App Launcher search bar, type in "Campaigns" and select it from the dropdown list.

  5. You will now be directed to the Campaigns page, where you will find a list of all your campaigns.

  6. Click on the name of the campaign for which you want to find the ID.

  7. Once you are on the Campaign's detail page, you will see the URL in your browser's address bar should have changed. It will now include the Campaign ID.

  8. The URL will look something like this:

    Here, 7012v000001gH5a is the Salesforce ID of the campaign. The ID is not an integer, but a 15-character (or sometimes 18-character) alphanumeric string.

  9. Copy the ID from the URL, and that's it.

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