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Email integration security
Email integration security
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Nylas: A Secure Intermediary

Relevize uses Nylas, a leading provider of email APIs to over 1,000 technology companies, including Salesloft, Crunchbase, and to power our email integration. Our partnership with Nylas is central to our commitment to security. Here's why:

  • Less Access, More Security: By using Nylas as an intermediary, Relevize doesn't directly access your email server. Instead, Nylas acts as a bridge, ensuring that we only interact with the data necessary to power our automation features. This minimizes the potential points of vulnerability.

  • Visibility and Control: Every email sent through our automation campaigns appears in your 'Sent Items'. This means you always have a clear record of every communication, ensuring transparency and trust.

To learn more about Nylas's robust security protocols, visit

Verified Partnerships with Google & Microsoft

In addition to Nylas mediating the actual access to data, the Relevize application itself met the high bar of Google’s Workspace app verification program. This includes a yearly audit and 3rd party pen testing. Relevize also maintains status as a verified Microsoft Partner (MPN ID 6616036) with the email automation app available as an Office 365 app.

For more information about security at Relevize including our yearly SOC 2 Type 2 report, visit

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