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Emails Tab - Lead Activation Overview (Partners)
Emails Tab - Lead Activation Overview (Partners)

This article covers all functionality within the "Emails" tab of Relevize

Written by Keegan Doyle
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Connecting an email

In order to connect an email to Relevize:

  1. Go to the settings page by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of the screen. You will then see the section titled Lead Activation with the Email Integration row below it.

  2. Click Connect to connect your email.

  3. Select your email provider, enter your email address, sign in, and grant the requisite permissions.

Relevize needs to be able to:

  • View your emails in order to log email responses and automatically remove those leads from the sequence

  • Send emails on your behalf in order to execute on the email campaigns that are created inside Relevize

  • Access your calendar in order to log meetings booked and automatically remove those leads from the sequence

Visit for more information on the security around Relevize’s email integration.

In order to remove a connected email and connect a new email to Relevize, navigate to the same settings page as above, and select Disconnect on the Email Integration row. Please note that email functionality cannot be utilized unless an email is connected.

For any further questions, reach out to [email protected]

Creating, editing, and viewing a sequence

To create a sequence, select the Emails tab on the main navigation bar. This will take you to the Email Sequences page, where you will see tabs for Email Sequences and Templates. Clicking Create Email Sequence on the Sequences tab will allow you to create a new sequence from scratch, or using a template as a starting point.

When creating an email sequence, you will first want to name your sequence, select a partner to share it with (if you work with more than 1 partner in Relevize), and select the person within your organization that you want to be the sender of the sequence.

Click on Email 1 to begin creating your email. Create a Subject Line at the top of the dialog box, then add the email body. When creating or editing subsequent emails in the sequence, be sure to input the desired number of business days after the previous email that you want this email to send.

Click on any of the variable tags to insert into the email. To add a hyperlink to an email, highlight the text you want to link, click on the link icon, paste in the URL, and click Update. To view the URL associated with a hyperlinked portion of text, click on the hyperlinked text, then click on the link icon to view the URL associated with that text.

When you are satisfied with the sequence, click Save & Exit.

Please note that sequences cannot be edited after leads have been enrolled. To make changes to an email sequence, click on the 3 dot button and select Duplicate. A copy of the sequence will be made with “COPY” added to the end. Feel free to change the name to suit your needs. Now you are able to make any desired changes to the sequence, and enroll future leads in the new, updated sequence.

You may also Archive or Pause a sequence within the 3 dot menu. Archiving a sequence prevents further leads from being enrolled, while, pausing a sequence stops subsequent emails from sending until the sequence is resumed. To resume a sequence, click the 3 dot menu and select Resume.

Enrolling leads in a sequence and viewing lead activity

To enroll leads in an email sequence, click on a sequence within the Emails tab. This will pull up all the details of that sequence, with statistics at the top, and previously enrolled leads below. Click Enroll Leads to display leads that can be enrolled in the sequence. Note that leads that are currently enrolled in a sequence cannot be simultaneously enrolled in another sequence.

Search for leads or filter by date created, lead source, or lead status. Once you have selected the leads you would like to enroll, select Enroll Leads at the bottom of the screen. Once leads are enrolled, Email #1 from the sequence will be sent within minutes.

To remove a lead from a sequence, click on the lead, and select Stop Emails. This will immediately stop future emails in the sequence from being sent to the lead. Leads will automatically be removed from the sequence by responding to an email (autoresponders are ignored) or booking a meeting with the sender.

See lead activity by clicking on a lead and selecting the Activity section of the sidebar. Here you can see which email in a sequence was sent, when it was sent, and any actions taken by the lead. These actions include: email opened, email clicked, lead responded, and meeting booked.

Uploading Leads

To upload leads into Relevize, click on the Upload CSV button at the top right of the Leads page. This will allow users to select a CSV, select which partner these leads are to be shared with, and input a source for the leads. Please access the lead upload template here, as leads will not upload correctly unless the column headings exactly match those provided in the template.



Sequence statuses:

Ready: Sequence has not been used before, but is ready for leads to be enrolled.

Active: Sequence has leads which are actively receiving emails and will receive emails from this sequence in the future.

Idle: Sequence had leads enrolled at one point, but does not have any emails scheduled to be sent. Leads can be enrolled at any time to re-activate.

Paused: Sequence was manually paused and is not sending any emails. Sequence must be resumed to continue sending emails.

Archived: Sequence has been manually archived. Leads are unable to be enrolled and no emails will be sent. Can be unarchived.

Lead sequence statuses:

Active: Lead is enrolled in sequence and will be receiving future emails

Finished: Lead was enrolled in sequence and has completed, either by finishing all steps, or by responding to an email or booking a meeting.

Removed: Lead was manually removed from sequence.

Paused: Lead is part of a paused sequence and will not receive emails until the sequence is resumed.


Total Enrollments: Total number of leads that have ever been enrolled in the sequence

Open Rate: Percentage of email in the sequence that have been opened

Clickthrough Rate: Percentage of emails in the sequence where any link has been clicked

Reply Rate: Percentage of emails in the sequence where a lead has responded to an email

Duration (business days): Number of business days it takes a lead to receive all email in a sequence.

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